The Studio

«Photography means “drawing with light” in Latin. It is a key concept of photography as well as the principle on which the whole life is based on our planet. Therefore I always assert that nothing can exist without LIGHT, everything would be dark and forms would have no details, no contours, no colours and no body except for matter. Everything has a form thanks to light, the photographer’s task or aptitude is to capture forever a moment, a place,a scene still with the right light.

My job and my passion is therefore a never-ending and frantic research both in photography and in videography for the “right light”. For this reason I would describe myself as a “Light-hunter” rather than a photographer or videographer.

I trained in Lecce first as a painter and sculptor whilst studying at the Institute of Art Institute and then at the Academy of Fine Arts.

I then continued my studies devoting myself  to photography and videography in order to offer a modern and conceptual product that aims at its target with precision.

I work with a wide variety of trusted and talented collaborators in Italy and all over the world, especially New York». Daniele D'Agostino


See some pics - at work -backstage